Mummy puts in a ‘grievance’ to her children

Mummy of toddler twins

At Mummy and Daddy’s house

Somewhere in the Countryside


4 June 2014


Dear Harry & Lottie

Re: Grievance regarding my role as Mummy

I am writing to you (my employers) with regards to my role as Mummy, which I was successful in gaining in September 2012.

Although I was extremely happy and fulfilled in my role initially, since you have been approaching two years old there have been a number of growing concerns on my part. As you are fully aware I have tried to discuss these with you on numerous occasions, but unfortunately you choose to ignore me.

I therefore feel compelled to put my problems into writing. Once you have read them I would like to request a formal meeting (which I am happy to have around your craft table) at your earliest convenience, as I am mindful of your busy schedules.

These concerns are outlined below:


I am still yet to be paid for the role. I check my bank account every month but there appears to be nothing there. In fact I am quite overdrawn, due to your expenses. I would be grateful if you could look into this as soon as possible and check with payroll (aka Daddy) as to what has happened.


I am yet to receive any formal training for the role of Mummy. I am therefore getting through each day with no experience or knowledge; I feel quite unprepared and that I am often ‘winging it’. Day-to-day I often find myself having to tackle problems such as getting squashed banana out of the floorboards or getting dried Weetabix off breakfast bowls. Challenges that I am not very well equipped to deal with. For more complex matters such as your health, well-being, development and learning I am very much out of my comfort zone and muddling through it all, hoping that I am getting it all right. There appears to be no employee handbook or any reference material for me to refer to.


There is currently a lack of respect towards me from you both and a sense of ‘house politics’ going on. I do feel as though you are snubbing everything I say. I also feel at times quite a lone voice in the house; my role no longer has any empowerment or authority, which I am struggling to come to terms with. I have cried quite a few times because of your behaviour, and it is affecting my health, as I now drink far too much wine in the evenings than I would like to.


Under the ‘Working Time Directive’ an employee should opt-out in order to work beyond a number of hours per week. I still haven’t signed such a form. I am working around 12 hours per day looking after you, and then partaking in overtime (once you’ve gone to bed) cleaning, tidying or ironing for example. I then do a nightshift on top of this, getting up throughout the night for you. I have literally never worked so many hours before in any one role.

Finally, I would like to conclude my grievances by stating that I hope that you can take the above points seriously as they are very important to me (and my current state of mind).

I am hopeful that if we can resolve the matters then it will enable us to once again have the perfect working relationship. I believe we could then all enjoy our employment together, (this is especially vital for me, as this is a job for which I cannot resign).

Yours sincerely,


Your Mummy 


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15 thoughts on “Mummy puts in a ‘grievance’ to her children

    1. Cheers hun! Thanks very very much for the comment, much appreciated x x Good to see that I learnt something in my whole HR career – can’t seem to remember anything anymore though! Baby brain x x

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